About Us

Sweet Homes of Colorado Incorporated is a residential construction company specializing in custom home building, custom project management and general contracting. We have been building custom homes in Summit County since 1992. Through our dedication to detail, quality and customer satisfaction we have established an outstanding reputation around and beyond our home area of Summit County, Colorado.

We have recently expanded into the Steamboat Springs area and are looking forward to becoming an integral part of that community.

Sweet Homes was founded by Evan D. Wasserman and Eric P. Brownson in 1991. Mr. Brownson is currently the sole owner and President of the company. Mr. Brownson holds a degree in Mathematics from The University of Vermont.

Mission Statement

We believe that the essence of custom building is the seamless blending of an architect's vision with a homeowner's wants, needs and dreams.

We are committed to building the finest custom homes possible while providing the homeowner with a unique and enjoyable experience. No matter the budget or size of the project, we believe that every home should have that special feeling of being one of a kind.

Use our site to learn about Sweet Homes of Colorado's staff, philosophy and our current and past custom home building projects.

From the owner:

Since the early 1990’s my experiences as a carpenter, craftsman and contractor in Colorado have been fantastic. I have had the opportunity and privilege to work on some extraordinary projects. That experience is what drives the basic philosophy of Sweet Homes of Colorado.

  • Craftsmanship
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Technology
  • Customer Satisfaction

Simply put, we want to build the best homes for the best customers in Colorado!

Systems, Organization and operations:

  • Membership in the NAHB as well as the Summit County Builders Association. This is an excellent resource for us in terms of continuing education and staying up to date with green building practices and developments.
  • Membership in the Better Business Bureau
  • Our "Master builder" accounting and construction management software is a state of the art program that allows us to accurately track job costs and help with scheduling and project management.
  • Basecamp is another construction management tool that we use. This web based collaborative tool allows all members of the team to communicate in real time and share drawings, ideas, photos and documents as needed. The ability to connect to Basecamp from any internet connection is especially appreciated by our out of town customers.

Each project we are involved with is assigned a project manager and/or a project supervisor to insure that all aspects of the job are completed to the standards of Sweet Homes of Colorado.